Ethnic Hair Care

Our crowning glory is personified by the hair on top of our heads. It is an intricate system that serves many functions. It protects our head from climatic conditions and of course, the Sun. It keeps our head appropriately warm as does the hair in the remaining parts of the body. Nowadays, hair has another visible purpose too. It is a beauty and style statement, not only for women but also for men. 

Scientifically speaking, hair fibre is mainly comprised of keratin. Hair is primarily a protein filament growing through epidermis from follicles that are deep within the dermis. It consists of 3 parts viz., the bulb, the root and the shaft. The bulb originates from dermis and looks like a swelling. The root is hair that lies just beneath the skin surface. Finally, the shaft is the hair above the skin surface. Together, they produce what we know and call as hair. 

Interestingly, the health of an individual usually “tells” through the health of the hair. Apart from that, the colour of hair turning into white is a good indicator too of a person aging. Other symptoms like baldness, especially of male pattern baldness, are also good indicators of aging of individuals. However, all symptoms do not always indicate aging per se. Several times, it could be because the individuals are either not taking good care of health or do not know how or it could be simply genetics.  

Unfortunately, most of the times, hair is taken for granted. This however is changing in recent times as awareness is steadily increasing. In this context, hair aerobics assumes importance. On a humorous note, hair aerobics is not about making the hair doing aerobics. It is actually about the activities or exercises that one does for the hair and scalp to maintain it in a healthy state. This could essentially be about how the care and attention that we bestow on our hair which many a time is neglected. An example is hair massages that are done to ensure that the hair is in a good and relaxed state.  

It is a well known fact that stress levels contribute a lot to hair loss and hair massaged do help maintain normalcy and release of stress. The steps that we consciously take in reducing stress levels to mind, body and hair can also contribute to hair aerobics. Importantly, hair gets damaged since we do not bother much about it and take if for granted. In fact, we subject hair to a great level of torture like when shampooing and scrubbing vigorously and sadly, we do not even realise these facts. As a result, the actions that we take in treating our hair in an appropriate fashion properly to avoid hair loss, damage and bad hair days, results in hair aerobics. 

All put together, any steps that we introduce to safeguard and keep our hair in good health result in a crowing glory that is all shiny and healthy. This signifies hair aerobics.




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