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Treat Your Hair to its Former Glory 

Try imagining that your crowning glory or to put it more blandly, your scalp hair has disappeared overnight. How would you feel about it? If you are like any one of us, then those kinds of thoughts can be very very scary. No one would like themselves going through a hair loss experience whether it is minimal or radical. 

Though these thoughts can be very unpleasant and bitter, yet the statistics indicate that about 30% face hair loss by 30 years and about 50% experience hair loss by 50 years. Hair loss, whether minimal or extensive, can be the result of several reasons or a combination of them. These could include on the kind of diet maintained by the individuals. If a healthy diet is not maintained, it prominently shows up in hair fall and the look and strength of hair. Another reason is stress levels. Stress feeds on itself and this causes hair loss and the fact that there is hair loss can cause more hair loss. In several cases, genetics plays a great role in hair loss. A perfect example of this is male pattern baldness. Diseases like cancer also cause hair loss significantly. Additionally, one another reason why hair loss can be experienced is the kind of care that is given to it. For example, scrubbing it vigorously is known to shed a lot of hair and damage the follicles irreparably and hence, massaging or scrubbing very gently is advised. 

Since hair loss is something that none of us are normally too happy about, treatments dealing with it have gained prominence. Unfortunately, several types of hair loss treatment advertised as miracle treatments do not really fit the bill. There are very few that have been scientifically proven or backed up in terms of being a valid hair loss treatment. Hair loss treatment can be ingestible through medicines like Finasteride or topically applied over scalp like Minoxidil. Both are approved treatments in the USA. However, Finasteride is more effective though it has scary sexual side effects. A prescription is required for Finasteride whereas Minoxidil does not require any. Of course, there are umpteen herbal treatments though these are not yet medically verified. Medical procedures also exist like hair transplants and scalp rotation. They can sometimes be painful. These too fall under the category of hair loss treatment.  

If the loss of scalp hair is primarily because of disease or its medication or stress levels, then there may be a ray of hope if the disease is managed, the medication discontinued if appropriate and the stress levels are brought under control. Options also exist partially as part of hair loss treatment by offering hair styling or even wigs to cover the areas of hair loss. Sometimes, the hair loss could be as a result of pulling or tugging of the hair. If this can be addressed, that may also diminish or lessen hair loss. 

Importantly, when addressing hair loss treatment, a doctor should be consulted as some of the treatments may not be appropriate without advice.




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