Hair Loss Treatment

Scalp hair is important to most of us in the world. It is the “face” that we project to society. It reflects our health and age. More importantly, it is a style and fashion statement. 

For such reasons, there is a growing focus on hair care products and clinics. Hair care essentially depends on the hair type or more precisely, the ethnic hair type. Based on it, hair care clinics address needs of their clients more effectively. As treatment and care of hair now specifically based on the ethnic hair type, the hair care that deals with it is now becoming more popular with a scientific basis and has come to be widely known as ethnic hair care. 

A treatment that is being applied may be suitable only to certain hair types and not all. As a result, applying that treatment indiscriminately to any hair type can be disastrous. For example, Asian ethnic hair type allows hair to grow long since it is considered to be one of the stronger types. Additionally, it usually grows straight and an occasional waviness. Therefore, they lend themselves easily to razor cuts than other hair types though they require stronger styling products due to the strength of the hair. And this is what ethnic hair care is all about. The cardinal principle is to customise ethnic hair care treatment based on the ethnic hair type. 

Though specific ethnic hair care treatments exist for clients with different hair types, yet there are also generic hair care tips that are good to be followed for all hair types to ensure that scalp hair is healthy and shining. These are simple but effective tips like drinking lot of water, maintaining a healthy diet, combing your hair everyday and washing it regularly with organic shampoos. In fact, staying away from chemical products as much as possible is always good for hair. Additionally, massaging or scrubbing hair softly and not “vigorously” is advised. Other tips include untangling hair gently when it is tangled, refraining from excessive usage of hair dryers, tying your hair loosely and minimising stress levels. These are tips that apply to any ethnic hair care and need not be specific for any hair type. 

Ethnic hair care is of different types, the most common of them being hair styling, hot drying, massaging, deep conditioning and relaxation approaches catering to different ethnic hair types like straight, wavy, curly, dry, oily and etcetera to name a few. There are also herbal and organic hair care products designed for ethnic hair care. The ensemble may include chemical and non chemical based products. Additional hair care products are now available based on the nature of the hair like shampoos and conditioners that come in various types. In fact, the type of combs used is also dictated by ethnic hair care. For black hair, wide tooth combs are recommended. 

When you take proper care of your hair, it will be healthy, resilient, strong and glowing and you will be the envy of your friends.




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